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  1. David Kinlay says:

    Is your Pro version fully compatible with ics software?
    Using a htc sensation with ics software

    • admin says:

      Hi David,

      Yes, it is compatible and the scanner works fine. No problems are reported on ICS versions, except the lack of Action bar (the top bar used in ICS), which will be added till the end of the week.

      Thank you for your interest !

    • admin says:

      Hi David,

      The PRO version is now updated with Action bar menu and is fully compatible with ICS.

      Thanks !

  2. Steve Miller says:

    Can I have AntiSpyMobile and Lookout Security & Antivirus installed on the same phone. If so will there be conflicts? Can I manually run a scan with AntiSpyMobile and not have it run in the background?

    I would like to have both apps, but just use AntiSpyMoble for running and additional scan manually.

    Thanks for the help.

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve,

      Yes, both apps are compatible with each other. You can turn off the background scanner from Menu/Settings – “Enable Auto Scan” option in Anti Spy Mobile PRO version.

      Although, if you want to run the scans manually, you can use the free version. We are updating it with the latest spyware definitions too.

  3. Roob says:

    Does this software detect Mobistealth and/or Stealthgenie?

    • admin says:

      Hi Roob,

      Yes, detects both of them. Currently they are listed as warnings but both of them will be escalated as Spywares on the next release.
      Here are the reported package names, if you have one of these:

      com.device.system – StealthGenie
      phone.Security – Mobistealth

    • admin says:

      A new version of Free and Pro was released yesterday. Now both Mobistealth and Stealthgenie are reported as Spywares.

  4. Bob Brown says:

    Does your product detect Flexispy and Eblaster Mobile for Android?
    If you can prove your picks these up. I have both installed on a phone we show customers how they work on. We will tell everyone to use your product to find these so called undetectable programs.

    • admin says:

      There are many “stealth” spywares that are detected by Anti Spy Mobile. Both Flexispy and Eblaster are deteced too – the first one shows up like “com.mobilefonex.mobilebackup”, and the Eblaster Mobile is listed as “”.

  5. Wanda Powell says:

    I do not have a data plan on my phone but my phone is being tracked & listened in on. Will a new SIM card remove this from my phone?

    • admin says:

      Hi Wanda,

      It depends how your phone is monitored. If you don’t have a data plan (and you don’t use the wireless internet on your phone), than the tracking can be made by external hardware (which is very expensive and not available to mass public).

      If your phone is Android, you can try Anti Spy Mobile Free and run a scan, if you have a jail-breaked iPhone, I would recommend you to factoy reset it.

  6. Warren says:

    Can I load Anti Spy without using google.
    I suspect my phone has spy / tracking app installed. The phone will not load apps via google. Loading starts but fails.
    Is there a version that can be copied to the memory card and installed from there please ?


  7. Jason Reed says:

    I’ve installed your software and it found two threats – but not what I expected. It actually said that AT&T Navigator had permission to record my cell phone conversations… so, I’m confused. Is this a flaw with your software, a flaw with AT&T’s software, or was there something that attached itself to AT&T Navigator that may have actually been monitoring my phone calls/text messages/etc? Thanks in advance.

  8. chris says:

    if a program that is recording sms, calls, etc. is detected does antispy give details on who is receiving the logged messages (email adress, etc)?

  9. Anonomus says:

    Can Anti Spy Mobile detect if someone is spying on your phone from a spyware program that they have on there home computer??

    • admin says:

      Yes, this is the exact way the app works. When someone is spying from his/her computer, this means that you have a spyware that communicates with the remote computer. Anti Spy Mobile will detect this spyware on your phone.

  10. Dave Hunter says:

    I opened the app tonight and initially the screen showed 2 spyware apps which then disappeared! What was that all about?

    • admin says:

      Hi Dave,
      The fact means that you had two spywares found on the last scan made on the previous time when you run the app. When the results of the scan are old enough, the app starts new scan automatically. If you didn’t remove the spywares and you are using the PRO version, please make sure that they are not included in the whitelist- the second icon from left to right on the top right corner.

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